Record breaking chain fountain?

I was invited onto The One Show to demonstrate the Mould Effect chain fountain. They sent me up in cherry picker to see how high we could make it go. The footage has been sent to Guiness  World Records. Fingers crossed!  

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Upside-down pendulums

A rod balanced on one end will fall over if you jiggle it because it is in an unstable equilibrium. But amazingly, if you jiggle it fast enough and hard enough it will stay upright! Even with a rod stacked on top of another rod. In fact, David Acheson has shown that you can stack any finite number of rods on top of each other and keep them upright by jiggling.

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That blue black white gold dress

I was invited onto The One show to settle the arguments once and for all. What do you think of my explaination? How do you see the dress? Let me know in the comments.

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Finally, an explanation for the bead chain fountain

My self siphoning beads video presented a puzzle… Why do the beads rise up above the rim of the pot before they fall to the floor?

The problem eventually came to the attention of academics at Cambridge University, John Biggins and Mark Warner. And I’m happy to say, we have an answer! In a published scientific paper no less.

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4 Card Puzzle

Here’s an interesting puzzle that tells us a little bit about the way we think. Did you get it right? Let me know in the comments.

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Pillow illusion

Close your eyes for 10 seconds. When you open them, immediately look at the grey dot. The dark region in the middle should appear to expand for about a second.

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Self siphoning beads

Here’s a quick video I made of my self siphoning beads.

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The sound from a vibrating rod

I made a video to show you the cool way a rod of aluminium vibrates when you hit it.

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Why is purple weird? A video for the Royal Institution

I was giving my Illusions talk at the Royal Institution and had a few minutes at the end to film this video about purple. Thanks Liz Elliott for the original idea.    

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Arguing with Matt Parker about Pi and Tau

Numberphile is a great youtube channel about maths. They invited me and Matt Parker on to fight about the circle constant. You can also follow Matt on twitter. And catch us both live in Festival Of The Spoken Nerd.

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