Here you’ll find links to all the interesting things from my compilation videos. Click the image or the title to be taken to the right place in each video (Thanks to AJ for sorting out the time code links!).

No. 1.1 Image stabilisation

image stabilisation

No. 1.2 Fig wasps

Fig wasps

No. 1.3 Chimney spirals

chimney spirals

No. 1.4 Caterpillar wasps

Caterpillar wasps

No. 1.5 String tower

String tower

No. 2.1 Why the end of a tape measure is wobbly

wobbly tape measure

No. 2.2 Why hammerhead sharks have hammer shaped heads

hammerhead sharks

No. 2.3 Why I can’t give my wife a kidney


No. 2.4 Why the Earth’s north pole is a magnetic south pole

north pole is south

No. 2.5 The ant with a door for a head

ant door head